Striking down Roe v. Wade is an attack on the working class in this country. We know that the wealthy will continue to travel to access safe abortions, while the poorest among us will be forced to choose between unwanted pregnancies and unsafe, potentially deadly abortions.

The attack on abortion rights is part of a broader conservative project to dismantle hard-fought social progress. This Supreme Court decision, the anti-trans bills, the attacks against sexual education, and Critical Race Theory are part of the same attempt to take power away from women, Black & brown people, people with disabilities, LGBT people, and the working class a whole.

We pledge to be in the streets because we know the undemocratic Supreme Court won’t stop here. Our autonomy should not depend on the whims of nine unelected lifetime appointees. Only solidarity will save us.

Mass movements & politics from the bottom up are the answer. The recent feminist movements for legal abortion in Poland, Ireland, and across Latin America have shown us what the power of grassroots mobilization can achieve!

We are committed to the liberation of all people having freedom and control over their own lives and bodies. Nothing less.

Join us in fighting back against these attacks. Free abortion on demand and without apology!

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