News of tenant organizing has spread across the state both online and in local media. Tenants share their stories visually with a new Instagram accounts; @xpose_north_point has revealed unsecured electrical infrastructure and ongoing mold, as reported by the Seramonte Tenants Union.

While @exposing_avalon_village documents the mountains of trash left by building management in Hartford and communicates upcoming tenant meetings, meanwhile, Housing Justice Project leaders were interviewed by the podcast, Re:verb and on Connecticut Public Radio at the tail end of summer.

Finally, Hartford’s free newspaper recently reported on a new tenant’s union formation independent of DSA organizing. Around 50 residents of Morgan street high-rise in downtown Hartford have formed a union to address problems with unsafe parking conditions, inadequate sanitation, and blaring fire alarms that ring multiple times a day across the building.

All these reports show a growing vernacular of tenants rights rising across the state.